usagebasedUsage Based Insurance has recently been rolled out throughout Canada by various insurance companies. Here’s how it works –

The insurance company will supply you with the Telematics device. This device is a small telecommunication unit that is connected to your car. This device sends, receives and stores information. The information is forwarded to the insurance company in order to monitor your driving habits. The simple idea behind Usage Based Insurance is based on the fact that those drivers with good driving habits should be paying less then those with poor driving habits.

Driving habits such as the following are monitored –

  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Time of day
  • Distance driven

Each Insurance company that offers this type of insurance option varies on the savings. Typical savings that we see –

  • 10% discount upon enrolment
  • Up to 25% discount upon renewal


This program is ideal for young drivers as driving habits can be monitored and viewed on-line.

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